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Behind the Scenes…

1. Hi Priti! So, how about we get right into it. Can you tell us a little about HelpingTown what you and your team are all about?

HelpingTown is a for profit social good company, building online social networking platform with a mission to connect volunteers, organizations, individuals who need help with those who are looking for an opportunity to help.  Our online platform at “www.HelpingTown.com” is free for people to register, volunteer and connect .

2. Great! So what have been your achievements so far?

We at HelpingTown strongly believe building this company on social good values, selfless service and volunteerism. Every year we pick a service project to promote good values and support a social good cause. In 2013, we had huge success with Autism Awareness and Fundraising event. It was our very first event. People’s support and positive feedback made it clear that we touched people and raised awareness on Autism.

In 2014, we published our very first children’s book, Sal, Let’s Help, which is written and illustrated by co-founders of HelpingTown. The book, successfully funded by a kickstarter campaign, is for children between the ages of 3 to 7 and teaches many important values such as helping, discipline, taking responsibility and being independent.

Several copies were donated to multiple non-profits, schools and libraries. Book has gotten 5 star reviews from readers on Amazon. The book, is now available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Booksamillion.com. For a sneak peek into the book, go to http://www.helpingtown.com/sal/. All the proceeds from the book will further improve and build HelpingTown.com, allowing for our mission to continue to expand. For the latest information on what we are up to please visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/HelpingTown

Currently we are running campaign to collect unused working computers and give them to people who can’t afford to buy their own computer.

3. It has recently come to my attention that your team has started a new campaign. Could you tell us more about it?

The new campaign that we have started is the Computer Recycle campaign to give unused working computers new home. If you are in NJ/NY area, we are requesting that if you or anyone owns or knows someone who owns unused computers, keyboards, etc. which are in good working condition please message us or email us at support@helpingtown.com. We will take them and work hard to find them a home where they will be used and appreciated. You will be surprised how many families need them and can use them.

Our Campaign Hashtag is #RecyclePC #DonatePC #GlamUpPC2015

4. Great! Any future projects or campaigns we should watch out for?

Yes! Currently we are working on creating an Emotional Intelligence class for children between the ages of 5 to 12. The class will be offered online and real time. Exact details are still in the works.

Emotional Intelligence means one is smarter about handling their emotions in a healthy and productive manner. Handling your emotions can be challenge not only for children but also for adults. If you are taught to handle your emotions in a healthy manner as a child, it becomes easier as you grow. A child may grow up to handle not only their own emotions but also gauge other’s emotions and respond in a productive manner and result into a responsible and empathetic person. Hence we believe it is important to bow the seeds of emotional intelligence starting from the very young age.

As a for profit social good company our goals and objectives will always be to run programs our HelpingTown community can contribute to and we will definitely be looking at opportunities to serve our communities, so yes, be on the lookout for ongoing opportunities to help us and get involve. But right now we need your support to spread the word for our current campaign “Help us bring used computers to those who need it!”

#RecyclePC #DonatePC #GlamUpPC2015




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