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Help us To Help others

Our heart aches when we see the lives of innocent people taken away.  It hurts especially when kids are injured.  A natural disaster cannot be controlled but recent attacks on the innocent are disasters caused by humans – for inhumane reasons.

The attacks planned by strong and well-nourished adults that cause human sufferings at all levels, break families, damage the core sense of security among adults and children.  These civilians, with families are no different than you and I. Those who end up suffering are people fighting for even basic necessities such as food, water and shelter !

Oh how we wish these strong and well-nourished adults would use their strength and resources to help these civilians and not hurt them, not use them as a bait to make a political statement !

The purpose of this petition is a request to the people who are responsible for working towards Peace.

Our goal is to get enough signatures, take a positive action and show our world leaders that people on this planet stand for peace, so why this war and suffering ? Leaders are suppose to lead and promote peace for all.

We will mail this petition to the UN to promote peace in world :

  • We want Peace and Not War.
  • Leaders and UN need to provide more humanitarian protection for people who are risking their lives to save civilian lives. Example of such people are medical workers, medical centers, humanitarians, aid workers, kids, etc.


As someone we adore and follow said “Love Ever, Hurt Never”.  If history can teach us anything it is that war and destruction are never the answer.  We are more aware today, we understand energy, we understand the power of thoughts…..


HelpingTown Team

Please fill the form below to sign up for peace, we would like to submit this Petition to UN

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