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Sal,Let’s Help – A Book for Children

Sal, Let’s Help

Sal – Let’s Help” is a children’s book written with a very special goal in mind: to teach our precious young ones the value of helping one another. It emphasizes this concept by encouraging children to “help” with small tasks around the house. This book also promotes concept of sharing responsibilities by showing how Sal does his share of work around the house. Scroll down for sneek peek of the book.

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Why we wrote this book?

Click on the SalMovie to hear our story.

A peek in the Book

Sal, Let’s Helpis a story of a furry little bear who lives in a treehouse with his mommy and daddy bear. Sal, in the course of a regular day, is faced with various household tasks that arise. Sal meets these tasks with bubbly enthusiasm; and when he doesn’t, his mommy inspires him to join in on the helping fun.


Mommy Greene requesting Sal to put his toys away.



Sal helping Mommy Greene to clean the leaves away with his toy broom.


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